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Wall Climbing Training Program: 2024

In a thrilling display of skill and camaraderie, the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal organized a successful wall climbing event on January 27, 2024 in Astrek Wall Climbing, Thamel. With 26 participants, Dr. Rajesh Sharma Poudel , Dr. Suraj Shrestha and Dr. Suraj Bhatta led the instruction, imparting essential knots and skills.



The atmosphere was cheerful, fostering a sense of community and encouragement among participants. As climbers ascended the walls, the echoes of cheers created a vibrant ambiance, highlighting the spirit of adventure.

This event not only challenged participants physically but also emphasized teamwork and mutual support. The Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal aims to continue organizing such activities, blending adventure with education to promote fitness and appreciation for mountainous terrain.


The January 27, 2024, climbing event showed the society’s dedication to creating a community that enjoys adventure, learning, and the beauty of mountains. As people came down with smiles, you could see they not only climbed up but also made great memories of winning and being friends.

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