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The Nepalese Diploma in Mountain Medicine course was established to develop a critical mass of Nepalese doctors trained in high-altitude and mountain medicine who would have the expertise to cater to the needs of both the high-altitude sojourners (trekkers, mountaineers, and porters) and also to the local high-altitude population in Nepal. Thus, the course fee is heavily subsidized to Nepalese participants so that they are able to afford and undertake the training of international standard in their home country.

In addition to already existing highly subsidized fees, deserving and qualified Nepalese candidates can apply for full or partial scholarships for diploma training. If you are interested, you should include in your application and motivation letter why you want to be considered for additional scholarships.

We offer the following two scholarships to qualified and deserving candidates. To be eligible for these scholarships, the applicant has to be both a citizen of Nepal and should be residing in Nepal. The applicant may be a graduate or a final-year medical school trainee from any medical school within Nepal. The successful awardee will not receive any direct financial payment rather the scholarship will cover their course fee of a specified amount depending on the full or partial scholarship they are awarded. The successful awardee will have to declare that they have not received any other full or partial sponsorships from any internal institutional or external agencies to undertake the Diploma course. Decisions about the scholarships are usually made three to four months prior to the course start date.


Rachel Burke Scholarships:
In memory of Rachel Burke who died on the slopes of Everest from altitude illness, we offer Rachel Burke Scholarship in collaboration with the International Porters Protection Group (IPPG). This scholarship will pay for the Diploma in mountain medicine training of one Nepalese doctor who will in return spend around 6-8 weeks at one of the high-altitude aid posts in Nepal. This scholarship and the resulting training of native Nepalese doctor is expected to result in the dissemination of their knowledge to guides and porters and reduce the chances of more tragedies occurring in the Nepalese mountains. The Diploma in Mountain Medicine is awarded only after completing the course and spending the required time at one of the aid posts which the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal will facilitate finding. If you want to apply for this scholarship, please include in your motivation letter why you want to be considered for this scholarship.

Past recipients of Rachel Burke Scholarships: Dr. Santosh Baniya, Dr. Utsav Joshi, and Dr. Prakash Kharel.

Women in Mountain Medicine Scholarships:
The women in Mountain Medicine Scholarship was started in 2019 with financial support initiated by Dr. Suzy Stokes. A few selected candidates from Nepal will be awarded a full or partial scholarship toward their Diploma in Mountain Medicine course after reviewing their motivation letter, application, and essay. If you want to apply for this scholarship, please include in your application letter why you want to be considered for this scholarship. In addition to the above eligibility criteria, this scholarship will only be awarded to a qualified female candidate.