Altitude, hypoxia, its pathophysiology, clinical implications and related researches from Nepal Himalayas

Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal (MMSN)

is a society of doctors, medical students and allied health professionals interested and involved in mountain medicine, high altitude physiology and related maladies.

We are a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization working to understand and explore the science behind the altitude related illnesses and utilizing this knowledge in making our mountains safer. Our regular activities include: journal clubs where we discuss and do critical appraisal of research papers on high altitude and wilderness medicine; national and international seminars and workshops; health camps for pilgrims; research on altitude related illnesses; publication of newsletters and books; and awareness programs on high altitude illnesses targeting trekkers, pilgrims and porters going to high altitude.

We also provide doctors experienced in high altitude medicine to accompany researchers, trekkers, climbers and pilgrims, or to be temporarily stationed in high altitude aid posts in the remote areas of the Nepalese Himalayas during peak seasons.

Collaborating Organisations

The Farrar Foundation

The Farrar Foundation was established in 2011 by Jeremy Farrar and Christiane Dolecek. It has been making difference to people lives through programs that support education, health, science or recreational activities focused on South East Asia. It has been helping MMSN to smoothly conduct the Outdoor Activites.


  • My experience with the DIMM in Nepal is certainly something I will never forget. A few memories do stand out. The instructors and guides were fantastic; very experienced and yet very humble. The organization of, and the material within the didactic sessions was top notch. The trek to Thame and the glacier was obviously the best part. Each photo I have is better than the next. Nothing can prepare you for how cold and windy it will be on the glacier. Despite this I am planning a return trip in 2014.
    Chris Ouimet
    USA, 2012
  • The people and space of Nepal took my, breath away. It was the ideal setting for a really enjoyable course. The content of which was rich, structured and approach driven, leaving one with a clear sense of purpose in any given scenario. To be able to tackle the practical aspects in the Himalaya with the guidance of world class mountaineers was a rare pleasure. Thank you to all involved.
    Solomon Dowdall
    South Africa, 2011
  • Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM) Nepal was an amazing course. I’d be happy to recommend to anyone who is interested in a substantial education within the field of mountain medicine! The speakers were top of their fields with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Thanks to the large portion out in the field we got to practice all our skills over and over. It is a unique luxury to have Sherpas, with plenty of real life high altitude experience, as climbing instructors. The fellow students were from all over the world with a wide variety of previous experience, so I learned a great deal from them as well. It was also an honour to be able to help local doctors pursue a career in mountain medicine through my tuition, and this was an important reason for applying. And last but not least, spending 5 weeks amongst the Himalayas is a mountaineer's’ dream come true!
    Olivia Kiwanuka
    CEO & Founder, Adventure Medicine, Sweden
  • "There is no better venue in the world than Nepal to do your Diploma in Mountain Medicine. The team made me feel at home, the academics were fascinating, fellow participants were great and the venue magnificent. We had some time between lectures to explore Kathmandu and then moved into the majestic Himalayas to learn mountain skills and put our academics into practice. I loved every minute of it.
    Michael Garrard
    British Columbia, Canada
  • "The Nepal DiMM was a fantastic experience. The quality of teaching was excellent both from the international and Nepali instructors and the local perspective are something that will only be found here. There is no better place to learn mountain medicine than the Himalaya. Also a great initiative that helps support local Nepali doctors in their professional development. I could recommend this course to anyone considering the DiMM, who is happy to throw themselves into Nepal, and learn medicine among the world's highest mountains.
    Daniel Trevana
  • The Nepal DiMM was one of the best training courses I have encountered. A mix of didactic lectures from world famous clinicians and researchers combined with practical alpine rescue at true high altitude. No better way to explore mountain medicine than up in real mountains at high altitudes. The staff ordinating our course was fabulous from start to finish and the mountain guides who led us through practical mountaineering were outstanding. The very international group of doctors to train with was the icing on the cake. I have made great friends now from all over this planet with a common goal of providing the best care in an austere environment. I couldn't recommend this course any more highly. This adventure is not for the faint hearted or couch potatoes. It will physically and mentally challenge you in a way that you will grow your knowledge and desire to experience even more.
    Bill M Campbell
    Emergency Medicine/ Wilderness Medicine, USA
  • A fantastic course covering all aspects of mountain medicine from practical use of helicopter evacuation at altitude to the latest evidence on nutrition for expeditions. The faculties were world class experts in mountain related medicine and UIAA qualified mountain guides with 8000m guiding experience. The course culminated with a fully resourced expedition to 5500m where high altitude theory became reality. Nepal is the perfect place to learn mountain medicine and no stone was left unturned in its delivery. Simply excellent!
    Jez Hunter
    IRIA Rope rescue and Swift water/Flood rescue master instructor United Kingdom.

NepDiMM 2020 is CANCELLED :(