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About MMSN

MMSN is a society of doctors, medical students and allied health professionals interested and involved in mountain medicine, high altitude physiology and related maladies. We are a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization working to understand and explore the science behind altitude related illnesses and utilizing this knowledge in making our mountains safer. Our regular activities include: journal clubs where we discuss and do critical appraisal of research papers on high altitude and...

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About NepDiMM

Nepalese Diploma in Mountain Medicine is an internationally recognized post-graduate course organized and administered by the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal (MMSN). This course is approved by the Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisime (UIAA), International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM), and International Commission for Alpine Rescue (IKAR). In Oct-Nov 2010, a feasibility study for the Diploma in Mountain Medicine was done in Kathmandu and the Khumbu region of Nepal with...

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Diploma in Mountain Medicine

Nepalese Diploma in Mountain Medicine is a UIAA/IKAR/ISMM approved post-graduate course administered in Nepal by MMSN.

NepDiMM 2023

After the 2019 edition, NepDiMM was stalled for a few years owing to COVID travel restrictions. It is all set to return in 2023. Please visit for more updates about NepDiMM 2023.

Application for NepDiMM

Interested applicants can complete either the Word or PDF version of the application forms for the 2023 course. Forms will be available soon.


Who can apply to the course? Who are the instructors?



MMSN is affiliated to the International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM) that aims to bring together physicians, scientists and allied professionals in mountain medicine.

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