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Providing Lifesaving Care on the Roof of the World: EverestER

Similar to previous years, the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal (MMSN) is proud to partner with the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) to deliver essential medical care to climbers and trekkers on Mount Everest for the 2024 spring season. Through this collaboration, MMSN volunteer doctors’ staff the Everest ER at Everest Base Camp (EBC) and the HRA aid-post in Pheriche.

The Everest ER, established by the HRA, is a crucial medical facility for those attempting the challenging Everest climb or trekking to EBC. MMSN is pleased to contribute to this vital service by deploying volunteer doctors throughout the climbing season. This year, the Everest ER is staffed by:

  • Dr. Greg Stiller: A seasoned physician from Colorado, bringing valuable experience in high-altitude medicine.
  • Dr. Nishant Joshi: A skilled doctor from Kathmandu, offering his expertise to the Everest ER team.
  • Dr. Shreyasi Karki: A dedicated doctor from Kathmandu, contributing her knowledge to the Everest ER.
Everest ER Team 2024

These doctors provide a range of medical services, including:

  • Consultations for altitude sickness and other high-altitude illnesses
  • Treatment for minor injuries and illnesses
  • Preventative education for climbers and trekkers

The HRA’s commitment to trekker and climber safety extends beyond Everest Base Camp. At Pheriche, another aid-post is staffed by experienced doctors:

  • Dr. Kasia Grela: An accomplished anesthetist from Australia/New Zealand, providing crucial expertise at Pheriche.
  • Dr. Brian Strickland: An emergency medicine specialist from Denver, offering his skills to trekkers in Pheriche.

MMSN’s Dedication to Mountain Safety

The MMSN is committed to improving mountain safety in Nepal. By partnering with the HRA to staff these vital aid-posts, MMSN volunteer doctors play an important role in ensuring the wellbeing of those who venture into the majestic Himalayas.

Dr. Shreyasi Karki Shares Her Experience

Dr. Shreyasi Karki, one of the MMSN volunteer doctors at Everest Base Camp this season, shared her thoughts on her experience:

“Being part of the Everest ER team has been an amazing experience. It’s incredibly rewarding to provide medical care in such a challenging environment. I also feel privileged to be one of the few female doctors working at such a high altitude. It’s inspiring to see more women pushing boundaries in mountain medicine, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Dr. Karki’s enthusiasm reflects the dedication of all MMSN volunteers who contribute to the health and safety of climbers and trekkers on Nepal’s mountains.

Dr. Shreyasi at Everest Base Camp

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