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Cycling for Fun with Case Scenarios 2024

On March 11th, 2024, Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal (MMSN) successfully conducted a unique program titled “Cycling for Fun.” This initiative combined an invigorating cycling excursion with interactive medical learning, fostering both physical activity and professional development for its participants.

A total of 21 individuals participated in the event, embarking on a scenic cycling route originating in Jamal at 8:00 AM. The journey provided a refreshing escape into nature’s embrace, with invigorating morning air and sunshine setting the tone for the day.

The chosen course presented a stimulating challenge, particularly the ascent towards Godawari. However, the unwavering enthusiasm and determination displayed by all participants were truly commendable. After a rewarding 4-hour cycle, the group reached their destination.

Beyond the physical accomplishment, the program incorporated a valuable educational component. Upon arrival, participants actively engaged in case simulations focusing on a critical medical area: polytrauma management. These simulations provided practical insights into vital skills such as airway management, cervical spine stabilization, traction application, and the appropriate utilization of various medical equipment.

MMSN extends its sincere gratitude to Dr. Sujan Timilsina for his invaluable guidance during the case simulations.

The program concluded on a highly positive note, with participants expressing their appreciation for the experience. MMSN applauds the enthusiastic participation and anticipates a similarly strong response for its upcoming programs.

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