Academic activities 2019

DateProgramTopic Presentor
15 Nov 2019Journal clubWMS Practice Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of Acute Altitude Illness 2019 UpdateDr Aashna Bhandari
21 Oct 2019Experience sharing programImportance of reseach in LMICs.Sir Jeremy Farrar, OBE, FRCP, FRS, FMedSci, Professor of Tropical medicine at the University of Oxford and director of the Wellcome Trust
19 Sep 2019Experience sharing programGosainkunda health campDr Anupama Bhattarai, Dr Suraj Shrestha, Dr Aashna Bhandari
5 August 2019Invitation talkHigh altitude Hematological adaptation and diagnosing Anemia among TibeteansProf Dr Cynthia Bell
1 July 2019Experience sharing programHRA Pheriche Aid PostDr Samriddha Raj Panta
19 June 2019Experience sharing programEverst ERDr Pawan Karki
30 April 2019Journal clubReduced Acetazolamide Dosing in Countering Altitude Illness: A comparision of 62.5 vs 125mg (the RADICAL trail)Dr Samriddha Raj Panta
11 Feb 2019Experience sharing programElective placement in John Radcliffe hospital, OxfordDr Prakash Kharel

Academic activities 2018

4 April 2018Journal clubImpact of a newly constructed motor vehicle roads on altitude illness in Nepal HimalayasDr Suman Acharya
1 May 2018Invitation talkAssessement of patients in remote environments and medical kit components for background levelDr Jessie Gehner
30 May 2018Experience Sharing programEverest ER
Dr Suvash Dawadi, Dr Subarna Adhikari, Dr Brenton Systermans
29 June 2018Journal clubClinical recommendations for high altitude exposure of individuals with pre existing cardiovascular diseasesDr Badri Aryal
4 Oct 2018Experience sharing programGodsainkunda health campVolunteer doctors and medical students

Academic activities 2017

DateProgramTopic Presentor
10 April 2017Invitation talkRespiratory and cardiac effects of air pollutionProf. Dr. Annalisa Cogo, MD, Biomedical Sport Studies Centre, University of Ferrara
11 April 2017Journal clubRenal manifestations of high altitude renal syndromeDr Shailendra Sharma
24 April 2017Invitation talkEmergency medicine as a specialtyDr Jessie Gehner
23 Aug 2017Invitation talkBasic and translational research opportunities in the US and the pathway towards pursuing a career of a physician scientistDr Laxmi Ghimire
20 Sep 2017Experience sharing programGosainkunda health campDr Jayant Yadav
17 Oct 2017Invitation talkSetting up the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) rescue post at Machermo and collaboration between IPPG and MMSNDr Nick Mason

Academic activities 2016

16 Feb 2016Experience sharing programDiMM experience and case presentationDr Santosh Baniya
23 Feb 2016Invitation talkPre-hospital emergency medicine and helicopter rescueDr Monika Brodmann Meader
29 March 2016Journal clubInhaled Budesonide prevents Acute Mountain Sickness in young Chinese men.Dr Pawan Karki
26 April 2016Journal clubInhaled budesonide and oral dexamethasone prevents acute mountain sicknessDr Prakash Kharel
12 June 2016PresentationFindings of the health problems people in Rukum district who go up in high altitudes to pick up "Yarsagumba"Dr Pawan Karki and Dr Utsav Joshi
12 June 2016PresentationFindings of the study done in Manang district regarding possibility of temporary health camp in future for people who go up in high altitude to pick "Yarsagumba"Dr Bidur Pandit
12 June 2016Experience sharing programEverest ERDr Yogesh Subedi
28 June 2016Movie Show "Hospital"
15 Dec 2016Experience sharing programElective placement in John Radcliffe hospital, OxfordDr Pawan Karki
15 Dec 2016Experience sharing programGosainkunda Health campDr. Santosh,Dr. Yogesh, Dr. Bidur, Dr. Utsav , Dr Suraj Shrestha

Academic activities 2015

DateProgramTopic Presentor
26 March, 2015Experience sharing programExperience of doctor in the mountainsDr Sushil Pant
30 June 2015Journal clubEfficacy of NSAIDs for the Prevention of AMS: A systemic review and metanalysis by Pandit et alDr Shankar Raj Lamichhane
25 Sep 2015Experience Sharing programGosainkunda Health Camp
5 Nov 2015Invitation talkAcademic mountain medicineDr Scott Mcintosh
16 Dec 2015Journal ClubElectrocardiographic Changes During Exercise in Acute Hypoxia and Susceptibility to Severe High-Altitude IllnessesDr Bidur Pandit
22 Dec 2015Invitation talkClinical researchProf Dr Jeremy Farrar OBE, FRCP, FRS, FMedSci, Professor of Tropical medicine at the University of Oxford and director of the Wellcome Trust

Academic activites 2014

30 Jan 2014Journal ClubEffects of Beta-Blockade on Exercise Performance at High Altitude:

A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial Comparing the Efficacy

of Nebivolol versus Carvedilol in Healthy Subjects
1 July 2014Journal ClubTraining in normobaric hypoxia and its effects on acute mountain sickness after rapid ascent to 4559 mDr Matiram Pun
29 Aug 2014Experience Sharing ProgramGosainkunda Health Camp

Academic activities 2013

13 June 2013Experience Sharing ProgramHigh Altitude Case Scenarios from Everest
10 December 2013Journal ClubChanges in Sub-endocardial Viability Ratio with Acute High-Altitude Exposure and Protective Role of Acetazolamide.” published in Hypertension. 2013, Apr; 61(4): 793-9 by Salvi et. alDr Saurav Adhikari

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