I With the aim of establishing the skills to tackle the real life scenarios in a journey of being a certified mountain doctor,MMSN conducts multiple sector covering outdoor activities. Interested individuals from different medical colleges are registered via emails, phone calls and messages and get involved in the specific program allocated for the day. In addition to the outdoor fun and physical exercise the participants have, MMSN also targets to give them knowledge about basic emergency response through case scenarios and simulations during the program.

Wall Climbing

This is an indoor climbing program regularly conducted by MMSN where participants climb on the artificially conducted walls. Pasang Lhamu Wall Climbing, Dhumbarai and Astrek Wall Climbing, Thamel has been our regular partners for this program. Participants are at first familiarised with the concept of climbing and belaying. Proper climbing equipments including harnesses, ropes, carabiner rock shoes and belay devices along with their proper use are demonstrated among the participants. Then they are trained to make the basic figure of eight knot which is a stopper knot commonly used in the climbing. After the participants are acquainted with all these, wall climbing is done. Participants are also trained to belay their partners. This program has also been in help for the Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM) candidates to test their physical strength, foot work and

Hiking and Case Scenarios

Kathmandu valley, the capital city of Nepal is surrounded by green hills all around and are a perfect location to go for a one day hiking. Shivapuri national park to the north, Nagarjun hills to the west, Champadevi and Chandragiri to the southeast are the usual spots. Participants usually gather at IOM hostel at early morning around 7 am and are taken to the starting point by bus. A short uphill walk into the sub alpine forests and we will be already away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. A smell of fresh air among the shades of lush green trees of Pine, Rhododendron and oak, streams and rivers on the way with scenic views of the valley and even the mountains on a clear day leaves us refreshed and energized. Participants also get to enjoy the cultural and religious aspects with the hiking routes covered with red and blue prayer flags, Bouddhist monasteries and Hindu temples on the way. Midway through the trekking participants are gathered to practice case scenarios. These usually includes management of trauma patient, basic life support, pre hospital management of fractures. Participants are divided into groups, some simulate a scenario while others try to manage the victim. MMSN regularly conducts hiking program three to five times a year.

Cycling for Fun

Cycling in Kathmandu is famous owing to its pleasant weather, fascinating trails along the green fields and easy accessibility to world heritage sites and other beautiful locations. At the same time, it is more demanding activity due to ever busy streets, humps and bumps in the road and lack of proper cycling lane. MMSN conducts cycling activity once a year. Changunarayan to the northeast and Chhovar to the west are preferred location and take 6-8 hours ride. Participants cycle along scenic trails enjoying scintillating views of the valley and peaceful off road environment.

Rock Climbing

This is an outdoor climbing program in which the participants are trained to climb on the natural rocks. Nagarjun Rock Climbing is our destination for the program which is located 3 km northwest of Kathmandu valley in Nagarjun forest reserve. Rock climbing is a more challenging sport than wall climbing and thus individuals with three or more wall climbing experiences are prioritized. Individuals get to enjoy a short walk into the pine woods of Nagarjun forest with bird watching on the way which Nagarjun is famous for. After reaching the site, orientation on equipment’s, safety techniques, rules and regulations is provided by the professional guides. A natural setting but physically and mentally more challenging, rock climbing provides a good adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. Case scenarios on emergency response, patient transportation are also done in the midst of the program. MMSN conducts rock climbing once to maximum twice in a year.

Riding the waves

Nepal is famous for numerous spectacular rivers and especially the current and tides with which they flow. More the current, more the adventure for the river runners. Bhotekoshi and Trishuli rafting are located nearer to the Kathmandu valley and are our usual destination for the program. Rafting is commenced after an orientation by professional guides and safety checks of the participants. Riding in the steep rivers through the forest with waves in between, cliff jumping on the way, swimming and overnight camping serves a perfect combination of recreation and adventure for our MMSN members. We conduct rafting program once a year usually September to early December or March to June.