NepDiMM 2019

Successful completion of NepDiMM 2019!!

The sixth season of Nepalese DiMM was conducted from 8 November – 7 December 2019. Like previous seasons, the first part of the course was in Kathmandu and the later components in Manang and Kangla glacier in the Annapurna region. On the jeep ride and trek to Manang, participants encountered a lot of scenarios dealing with remote wilderness medicine. Participants stayed in tea houses and completed more scenarios and theories in Manang (3800m) before leaving to the glaciers for winter skills. Participants trained at the altitude between 4800-5500m (18000ft) and camped for core glacier training. Participants were trained in extreme weather conditions with temperature dropping to negative thirty degrees Celsius. Participants are currently submitting several post course assignments including multiple choice questions and long structured essays. A Diploma in Mountain Medicine will be awarded after verifying that the candidates met the required UIAA/IKAR/ISMM criteria and the details will be officially posted in the website.

This information is only brief for you to help decide in applying to our future courses. Full course details with daily schedule and assignments will be provided once an applicant is accepted into the course. Please also refer to our FAQ for some frequently asked questions and answers or feel free to write to us if you need more information.