Running a technical course in a natural terrain of wilderness setup is expensive. Due to the topographical difficulties and air transport as the only option to reach the fields in Nepal, the cost multiplies.  In addition, we depend on the international instructors and certified guides as our instructors for this pilot course. This all makes the diploma-an expensive venture, but what could be more ideal venue than the Nepalese Himalayas to learn and practice mountain medicine?

We acknowledge the grants from Medex for the Feasibility Study of Diploma in 2010. Similarly, we are thankful to Medical Expeditions, Swiss Society of Mountain Medicine, German Society of Mountain Medicine, Porters Progress UK, Swiss Alpine Club and UK Alpine Club for their generous contributions to run the pilot course.

For the first three years of the course, we will be relying on various organisational and individual supports so as to make the course self sustainable later.

Though heavily subsidized, Nepali candidates have to be supported with the scholarships. In the pilot course, three Nepali doctors were awarded full scholarship and other five were provided with fifty percent scholarship. We hope to continue the scholarship in our future courses too.

The support to the diploma is coordinated by Medical Expeditions and you can access the Gift Aid Form at: Medical Expenditions

More payment options can be found at: Nepalese Diploma

Alternatively, you may wish to write at and make the arrangements for any donations and support.